Requiem for Lower Worlds

Here comes a sad story:
The LW-project was started to be a partial conversion for Quake. We wanted it to become equally great or even better than Nihilism Unlimited’s ‘Zerstoerer’. We had a good start and I (eFDAT) created a codebase, making use of Zerstoerer’s developers kit. I was surprised and happy that it kinda worked. So we had to think about designing some maps to use with it. A startlevel was done and then 2 other maps (one dm-map and one sp-level). A creative-crisis followed. And finally we realized that we were far too late to release a successful partial conversion for Quake because Quake2 had been released while we were working and we had ignored it. Truth hit us hard and we decided to cancel our project. That was early ’99. That’s the story so far.

[ taken from requiem.txt ]

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